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Hello KZG community. 
I've decided to call it quits from being a staff member in this community.
There's many reasons for me doing this, one that I can openly say is that things that I had hoped to change by maybe having an influence, I wasn't able to do.

I hope that at least in the year that i've been helping out here, i've maybe made KZG a bit more of a friendly place to play CSGO.
I've made many new friends in my time here and learnt some things about myself as well as others that i might not have been able to otherwise, this I cherish and am thankful of.


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Awwww not another one ?

I feel you deeply with wanting things to change but even having an "influence" doesn't do shit for you in the end. It is what it is i suppose ?


R.I.P Another staff member. Hope to still see you around <3

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Another bubble popped as another great admin leaves,

best of luck for the future.

- Aim Head Admin - 

- Discord: RetroViper#9937 - 

- Steam: RetroViper -


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Vary nice man.

first person I saw get 2 kills w/ the barrels on dust 2 overcore.

Only person with tabs on tito ;)

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Later dude. Now i might have to come back due to the lack of ACTIVE combat surf staff.

anyways, i wish you good luck in the future.






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farewell my old friend

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the physical return of christ.png

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