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My Fellow KZG members and family its come that time " i know you all been waiting for this to pop up " But i feel as it needs to happen as im not active as i use to be and with work / family / applying for the police force " YEAH M8 REAL CSGO " i need to call it quits and allow someone else to try and feel my " very tiny shoes " most likely some pleb ^^,


Anyways i hope you all have fun in the future of 2019 Hopefully KGZ still booms 


i would like to say a huge thank you to @skyprah and the team for allowing me the chance to admin KZG and a huge <3 to my fellow staff members for been there when needed 


I bid you all good luck in your future endeavours



Much Love  Velxinone aka Aaron



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Thank you for being apart of our team, wish you nothing but the best. Good luck with real life CS :GO :P

sad michael scott GIF


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Gl man. Enjoy! Make sure if you can, you pick a negev :P






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Always gonna be an absolute lad Velxin <3

KZG Rust Server memories <3

Good luck with the Police Force and don't fine me for speeding :P


guggy.gifbest wishes good luck GIF

Edited by Wolfleader


Wolfleader! :D
Fun Server Administrator!! <3 



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