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Resignation from Admin Duties.


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Some might say this has been on the cards for a while, but i've always tried to comeback to fufill my roles. But the last few months i've slowly noticed that i'm losing connection with the younger crop of players coming through. Admining had became an agonizing chore making me losemy lust for Counter-Strike and gaming in general. I hope to believe that Relieving my duties can allow me to have more fun in future while playing CSGO and other games.

I'll still be playing on KZG, so i wont be disappearing of the face of the planet.

regards ioutrankyou

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Its sad to see this day come, ive always seen you as a dedicated friend and admin. im sure i wont be the only one to say that ill miss you, im sure it will be a relief to not have to worry about being admin. i was gonna say goodbye but id probably see you again in the next couple days, but goodluck, and i hope you enjoy just being a normal player.

thank you for all the mutes on sk xx


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Very dedicated member of the team for a long period of time. Never had any complaints about you as you always acted maturely. Sad to see you go but always welcome back anytime, thanks for the help.

good bye GIF



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Thank you for your dedication and hard work making this community better. It is sad to see you go but at least you will still be around to enjoy the game. maybe all you need is a break from being admin? After a break you will be refreshed and able to focus on admin again. Good luck for the future.

Technician by trade, gamer by night...





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Resignation not accepted.

Can I do that?

Well, if I can't sorry to see you go. Legit one of the best admins aim has had <3 Good luck in the future, and as skyprah said, you are always welcome back :) 

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We all know its because you want to dedicate 100% of your time to runescape but mate you cant leave. We became admin together, but i do understand that admin can take up alot of actual playing time.

Just an idea but have you ever thought of applying for a community manager role to help out with the appeals as you have a great knowledge surrounding how everything works. 

Anyway im sure ill still see you around so dont be a stranger.

regards ioutwankyou

big fucking deal bfd GIF

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Wont be the same without you, recently havent really talked to you have been a great admin always putting time into the servers and making it better for everyone

puss in boots pout GIF

- Aim Head Admin - 

- Discord: RetroViper#9937 - 

- Steam: RetroViper -


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Best of luck man, sad to see you go. ?



1189840288_unnamed(1).gif.6a794d66d83d9eb0a1a163c04d14b3c2.gif                   1311135917_unnamed(2).gif.792a43b486d2f39421ea2b3b34442756.gifunnamed.gif.4841bb81637405ab75487e96a3cc8860.gif                                             background.png




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Good luck finding your passion in CS again mate hopefully see you around on the servers n shit. best of luck


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Always putting the work in for the admin team, awesome motherfucker to play and admin with. Always hopped on the reports and the demos, really mature too. Sad to see this day come by but hopefully we'll see you back on the admin team too!

Best of luck soldier!

megu2.jpg.b1aafc5d1f64e2f51f1544acdb30a749.jpgFUCK I LOST ALL MY POINTS AGAIN

rin2.png.6abd305e922c6d056c4ce962f5fb0631.pngI really like anime if you couldn't tell.




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