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Revers3’s resignation

Revers3 CS

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Revers3 CS

Hey all, I hope this post finds you well given the current circumstances.

i want to begin with thanking @skyprahfor such an amazing community that I have been lucky to play and be an administrator for AIM Servers. At the current situation I’m in, I have little to no time playing csgo and getting really busy with school and have some major exams coming up. In my opinion I don’t have the hours anymore to put in to not only playing my favourite server (1v1) as well as reporting and controlling the significant amount of toxicity that that particular server faces, lol. It’s very sad for me to decide to resign. I will try my best so make time to play kzg servers and have the opportunity to talk to the players and staff again. I am hoping to have time in the future so I can re apply again at the future.

Special mentions to @Aim Head Admin (Retro and Sinister) for always being there for me and helping me With the problems I had in the servers. I would also like to thank the AIM Staff for being such a great, positive and funny team. I hope to see you all again! Thank you for the great memories and fun times we had->Waterant ;))


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Welcome to the Club.

Steam Community: NightmareOCE

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Bye Felica.


Community Director

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My Name is Tito

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Yours Truly,

My Name is Tito
| Killzone Gaming


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Discord Handle: sinister#3995

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