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[OTHER] zed's Unmute Appeal

Frame lf 3rd

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Frame lf 3rd

What was your IGN (Steam Name) at the time of the punishment: zed
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:234593642
Smurfs/ accounts you have association with that may be attached to the punishment: none
Discord Handle: Frame#0651

What server group / server did you receive the punishment on? SKILL
What server did you receive the punishment on? Noob Surf

What staff member issued the punishment: Skyprah

Ban Reason: Mic Spam

Why should I be unbanned / unmuted: I did not realise i was breaking the rules at the time and i promise i will abide by the rules. I would like to be involved in the killzone community again and i apologise for my actions. I just wanted to have fun and have a good laugh with everyone as much as possible when playing.

Do you have an evidence that may prove your case: NO, 

Edited by imp
For skyp
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Killzone Gaming Bot

Hi Frame lf 3rd,

A member of the Management Team will look in to your Unmute / Unban Appeal.

In the mean time please wait for a response from someone on the team.

The Unmute / Unban Appeal process usually takes 1 week.

DO NOT try to bump this post and / or harass a member of the staff team to have a look at your application.

- Killzone Gaming Management

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+1 from me. I know Zed from a while ago and clearly made a mistake while he was trying to have fun with other people. I experienced nothing but laughter when he was on the server with him and I'd really love to have good times with him again. Good luck Zed!

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  • imp changed the title to [OTHER] zed's Unmute Appeal
  • 4 weeks later...
On 14/12/2020 at 8:48 PM, Frame lf 3rd said:

Edited December 15, 2020 by imp
For skyp

@Community Director Any update on this one?


@Frame lf 3rd Hopefully we should see an outcome on this one in the coming days.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Killzone Gaming Bot


It is our pleasure to accept this Appeal.

Your UNBAN / UNMUTE APPEAL has now been accepted.


- Killzone Gaming Management

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