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Found 23 results

  1. This was a mistake and I would like an admin to remove it from my profile
  2. Dear Everyone, Last night I was kicked from the server for some unknown reason and I started to post in chat why did I get kicked from the Jailbreak server and no admin would answer me. Instead of actually answering the question that I asked the admins they banned me instead for no reason. I was not mic spamming or doing anything of the sort. Can someone please tell me why I got banned because I have honestly no clue why I have been banned from the Jailbreak server. Thanks, Rigal
  3. Ando1

    Rebel/Warden of the Month

    Rebel of the Month/Warden of the Month would be a great idea... and if you get warden/rebel of the month you get a special item/prize
  4. TξĊĦЙØ

    /Shop Money Suggestion

    Suggestion 1: My suggestion is that the credit in which we have in "/shop" should not reset every map and should only reset once disconnecting from the server and reconnecting. Suggestion 2: Say you buy a knife from /shop as a T, my other suggestion is that you keep your knife in which you bought, until you die or disconnect from the server, same goes for the CT perks.
  5. nysm

    Shop & Class Information

    ✰ KZG Jailbreak Shop & Class Information ✰ *Please note that the damage is a base value and can vary due to lots of different factors such as distance, penetration and armour* Counter Terrorist Weapons / Tools ($5) More armour | Gives 100 extra armour ($15) Taser | Gives a taser ($30) Drone | COMING SOON ($50) Heavy Suit | Slows you down but majorly decreases damage taken ($55) Tactical Shield | Gives a shield that blocks bullets, bullets can still penetrate. ($60) Faster Run | Increases running speed ($70) More Healthy | Gives 50 hp
  6. nysm

    Non-map Games Explanations

    ✰ KZG Jailbreak Non-map Games Explanations ✰ Knowledge | Intelligence Alphabet Game Requirements: Wall or line The warden will order t's to unstack shoulder to shoulder on a wall or line and tell the t's a category which they will have to name an item in order from a - z and from left to right. The category can be anything that is somewhat well known to give the T's a chance of winning, if it gets to a T and they cannot provide an answer within a 5-second countdown from when the warden asks they will be called KOS and shot. If there is no answer for a particular letter the
  7. Zek


    JB_Peanut, where do i start, this map is severely underplayed and needs to be experienced a lot more than it should. like, the amount of times this map is played per day, its such a small 5 digit number its not even comprehensible. The play time this map gets is so little compared to jb_averyalpha its absolutely sickening. This is getting to the point in which JB_peanut should be the only map in the rotation. does anyone else agree?
  8. neenjatoggle

    Ninja's Unban Appeal

    Your ingame Name: Ninja Server you were banned / muted on?: Jailbreak Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:200838117 Date / Time of Ban: 22/12/2017 Admin that banned or muted (if known): Unknown Reason for ban (if known): During my game of Jailbreak I was chosen as a guard and as a joke I decided to mess around by saying "execute order 66" then kill some of the prisoners. I'm only banned from guards but I would like to have a chance to play again as guards. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I meant the whole thing as a funny joke and I was new to the jailbr
  9. s1gMa

    s1gMa's Unban Appeal

    Your ingame Name: s1gMa Server you were banned / muted on?: Jailbreak Your Steam ID: STEAM_ Date / Time of Ban: a long time ago Admin that banned or muted (if known): i dont know i cant find it Reason for ban (if known): i mass free killed when i first joined because i didn't know how to play Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I have been banned from CT for a long time and overtime have matured, i also learnt how to CT.
  10. real nebula

    Ban for 3 days appeal

    I got a 3 day ban from Jailbreak from apparently "freekilling" 3 people and I am new to jailbreak and they were knifing distance so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. THX!
  11. Goose

    Warden / CT Guide

    === WARDEN / CT GUIDE === Hey all, I decided to make this guide to help the newbies of the server understand how to CT and warden and how to be a better one. I am by no means the best guard but I can give a few pointers on how to be a better one. First of all, PLEASE read and understand the server rules. I cannot stress this enough! If you don’t know or understand them, you may be handed a swap or even a CT ban. So for the sake of everyone, please read the rules. Once again, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE RULES before heading onto CT. ROUND START When the
  12. Xelar8

    Mac's Ban Request

    Your Ingame Name: XLR8 Thier Ingame Name: Mac Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:982955 Which Server: Jailbreak Reason why they should be banned / muted: Mass freekill Proof / Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvnuEWooPgM
  13. krewzy

    Noz's Mute Request

    Your ingame Name: kewzy Server you want to Request a mute on?: Jailbreak Their SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BVGGY/ Reason For Mute?: Saying N*gger Multiple Times.. (Bad Audio):
  14. krewzy

    Krewzy's CT Unban Appeal

    Your ingame Name: kewzy Server you were banned / muted on?: Jailbreak Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:158889794 Date / Time of Ban: 08-16-16 19:04 Admin that banned or muted (if known): Skyprah Reason for ban (if known): Skyprah Banned My Account For My Little Brother Doing A Mass Free Kill. Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I Have Been Banned For Over A Year Now. And I Have Learnt My Lesson And What Not Only Your Acton's Can Do But Others And Not Everything Is Fair, But All Im Asking For Is Just A 2nd Chance... Thank You For Your Time.
  15. Server you're Applying for?: Jailbrak Steam Account Name: ♠ ^^ I-X3LAr-8 ^^ ♛ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:449127 Age: 14 Description of Yourself: I am a kind loving person who plays video games I got into video games because of my dad he used to play counterstrike source and hence where I am today Play Time on the server you're applying for?: 14 days 00:18:19 hours What time do you normally play on the Server you're appplying for?: Weekdays:5:00 to 7:00 Weekends 3:00 or 2:00 to :10:00 Holidays 3:00 or 2:00 to 11:00 Australian time Vouching Staff Members of the s
  16. skyprah

    Special Day Suggestions

    With jailbreak v2 now being fast tracked to reach KZG in hopefully a month, we can now start brain storming some additional special days. Help come up with some cool wacky ideas or just some basic simple special days. I would love a large list of about 30 days all up to keep it fun.
  17. Xelar8

    New JB Event Day

    Hi I have a new suggestion for JB called Hunger games it is where every one starts with a knife and has to find loot bags with weapons inside it and then it is the last man standing
  18. Ec1ipse

    New Player Models!!!

    CT Skins Ashe (League Of Legends), Braum (League Of Legends), Draven (League Of Legends), Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones), Iron Man, Elsa (Frozen) T Skins Redhood (DC), Kalista (League Of Legends), Jhin (League Of Legends), Monk, Lee Sin (League Of Legends), Zac (League Of Legends), Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy), Jihadi These new Player Models are only on Jailbreak ! Names that are highlighted in green are VIP Player Models! (Spiderman was also updated and two gang members were added into the mix)
  19. I got a few discussion points about these new gangs in jailbreak. What do you think about the gang perks, should there be more or less or different perks? Would you like to see gang of the month or something along those lines. (Maybe with prizes?!) Which gang will rise to the top?
  20. Was thinking if it would be possible to have an exclusive skin for T if you earn the rebel of the month and CT for warden of the month (possibly a gold version of the original T/CT skin) This would help distinguish the best wardens/rebellers from the rest and give more incentive to try your hardest to be the best warden and rebeller you can for some exclusive shit. also you'd look pretty dope thoughts guys???

    On the topic of Stacy's Unban Appeal

    As most of us know, Stacy's Mom was recently banned for supposedly wall-hacking. The ban is hotly debated and we can't seem to come to a conclusion. I think that before any permanent ban is issued, there needs to be infallible and completely conclusive evidence. This isn't a 24 hour ban we're talking about, this is permanently removing someone from the community. I believe Stacy's Mom should be unbanned solely because we can't seem to come to a conclusion. All we're doing is arguing with no real effect. If Stacy's Mom is unbanned, I think that he will either be scared out of hacking again
  22. hi guys i just wanted to tuch on the issue we had on the server about "Stacy" names. i felt upset that our commuity acted in such a way towards the admins that where handling the situation. They put countless hours into the server to make the exsperience that you have when you play the best possiple one. THEY ARE JUST DOING THERE JOBS. and if you think you can do there job whuy dont you try replying to hundreds of "help ... Hapend" messages i dont know what moast of you will say on this post but please we are ment to be friends and i thaught this community was better than that. Kind Regar
  23. Rouge.

    jailbreak down again

    hey guys jb ahs been down for moast of the day and just as it went up i was on but and playd one game but the server is down again so just wondering when it will be back up Thanks Rouge

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