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[MORDHAU] Captain Jafari's Unban Appeal


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Steam Account Name: Captain Jafari
Steam ID: STEAM_

Alternate Accounts: STEAM_PoeDameron

Server Group: MORDHAU 
Server:  FFA DM

Date / Time of Ban: 27/11/2019 around 8 pm

Admin that Punished You: Duel Cop

Reason for Ban: FFA

Why I should be unbanned / unmuted: I'm honestly lost for words that this guy is staff and has permission to wave his power around as he does, the amount of people that he kicks for absolutely no reason is astonishing. First, he attacks me and kills me because he's actually good at the game so I stand no chance, so I came back and try to fuck with him and he instantly bans me for consistent FFA. I understand that I shouldn't have gone back but to try and mess around with him, I feel like I was very hard done by to receive an entire week ban for this incident. In the future I will learn to take shit from staff better I guess. Thanks


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~My Beloved and Loyal, Tito2k17~ CHIEF OF TYPOGRAPHY ~My Beloved and Loyal, Tito2k17~


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