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[PUBG Update] Holiday Skins available now!

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Killzone Gaming Bot
On the roof, some campers heard clop clop clop.
Oh my gosh, is it Santa getting off those shots, shots, shots?
The noise you hear on the roof isn’t reindeer, 
it’s a North Pole sniper - sporting sunglasses and a beard.

Hit the Battlegrounds with a “Ho, Ho, Ho!” by throwing on a festive sweater or gingerbread onesie. Want a more traditional look? Try the Peppermint Presents set - the coat and hat combo is only $9.99.

Tis the season for Kris Kringle to deliver special holiday skins to the PUBG store. Grab these items before January 1st, because you can only get “Peace on Earth” during this special time of year.


Holiday Skins available for a limited time are:
Festive Wish Sweater
  • $2.99
Ginger Bread Onesie
  • $7.99
Peace on Earth - Kar98k
  • $9.99
Ginger Bread Mask
  • 10,000BP
Yule Scarf
  • $0.99
North Pole Operator Pants
  • $2.99
Peppermint Presents Set
  • $9.99


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