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[Media Team] LukeP211's Application

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Your age: 14

Role/s applying for: Graphic Designer

Do you have any experience in the selected role/s: Yes

Please share examples of your work or "Your Portfolio":: I have not yet completed my 'portfolio' but I display most of my work on my Instagram. @lukedzns

Why do you think you will be a good Media Team Member?:: I think I would be a great person for the Media team because I have lots of experience in graphic design and most of that experience is 'gaming'. If I have a set due date for my work I will always do the work on time with a lot of effort. I also think I would be great because I play on Killzone servers quite regularly so I would love to work for you guys. I have been designing for about a year now and I believe I have always been improving. I do several design classes at my school so I have advice from experts on where I can improve. I also do weekly design classes with an expert graphic designer known around the Oceanic community. I'm always on my computer either playing with friends or designing (mostly designing). I also can animate. So any graphic design work needing animation I could do it.

How much time can you dedicated towards the team on a weekly basis?:: Probably 1 - 2 hours a day. So 14 or more hours a week. Whatever is needed of me I will do.

(Future Reference) Would you ever want to gain profit for you work within KZG?:: No

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Community Director

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