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Missing and Broken Maps & Other General Server Issues

Silver 3

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Hi, I’m Silver 3 :)))))))))))))) and recently I have been trying to complete as many maps as possible while surfing on kzg. I have never enjoyed surfing one map for hours on end to further beat my pb time, and found more enjoyment in surfing new maps for the first time and completing them, so I set goals of completing 200 maps, all tier2’s, 300maps, all t3’s, completing 400maps etc. Currently working through what remaining tier4 maps I can complete. This post is aimed at discussing issues found during my progression and some questions regular players haven’t been able to answer for me.

The original purpose for this post was to ask about the unfinishable t1/2/3’s that are found under the console list, however seeing as there isn’t much in the way of bug reports that players complain about, I will be including some.

Actual bug/maplist starts halfway down

!p and the console map list/s             

This is my current profile as it stands, with 412 map completes so far, and below is pictured my current console listed completes. 412 verses 414, taken seconds apart, small inconsistency, not sure which maps it is caused by (too lazy to scan through al 414). Incredibly minor issue



This is my current !p > completion menu > incomplete maps list as listed by the console. Currently it has tier1/2/3 maps unfinished which are either cannot be nominated, are glitched or unzoned. Also another completely minor inconsistency, 139 unfinished maps.

139 unfinished maps plus 412 completed maps adds to 551 total, not 555. Even with the added two from before still adds to 553, not entirely sure what is correct.

Main issue that irks me is maps which cannot be nominated from the !nominate command. These maps are. 


  1. surf_horizon_njv 


  1. surf_atlas

  2. surf_holiday

  3. surf_klue


  1. surf_sinsane_ez_csgo

  2. surf_princess_v

  3. surf_tempest2

  4. surf_jenocide

 TIER 4 

  1. surf_chateau_fix, 

  2. surf_happyhug

  3. surf_lax_fix

According to players I have talked with the solution to fixing this problem is to complete them on an admins test server… not ideal. Which still grants points due to the maps being on the current set of “555”. 



The tier4 section gets a little messier to see whats going on, but also theres 7 odd tier3s which I still have yet to complete. So the pictures aren’t perfect but all maps with issues will be listed.

In the un-nominatable TIER 4 and below maps (haven’t checked t5/6) some have times others do not. Assuming there is a reason for the maps not being included in the “map pool”, is this a bug or some other issue? I’ve only been taking surf seriously within the last few months, before year long breaks and playing not knowing what I was doing. So I am unfamiliar with the inner workings of the server so to speak. 

Maps like surf_chateau_fix have no times associated,


Other maps like surf_happyhug have times, however considering there is two completes with both very lengthy times, there was probably a reason for its removal.



Maps like surf_atlas have a couple hundred completes dating back to around the middle of 2019 from my searching the map times


My main reasoning wondering why maps which cannot be nominated exist is there seems to be roughly around 1166?ish maps within the surf database after using the command “!mtop surf” and then looking through all the entries and the map names within there. So why does the map pool go from 1166 to about 555? Again kinda new so got no clue. Obviously there is duplicate versions and refix versions and the like, however there is unique maps, just by looking at the end there is surf_whoknows, surf_whoknows2, surf_whoknows3 (will be mentioned again later) and only whoknows is currently in the nominate list.


From what I have hear there is maps that are currently “out of rotation”, for either being too old etc etc. E.g. surf_spike, just as an example. So my question is are those maps which cannot be nominated meant to be “retired” or are they glitched?



This image is a bit harder to read, however lists maps which are not in “mapcycle.txt” from the list of map completions within !p > completion menu > completed maps.

Not entirely sure what this message means, however maps like surf_vale2 can still be nominated and completed for points. Wasn’t sure what this message is meant to entail so I figured I would list it as a query.


After “!mrank surf_master” produced this result, which would be years old, my original guess was these maps were retired, but there is several on the list which can still be nominated.


Final Map command irk, small inconsistencies with certain maps being graded higher or lower than their actual tier on the server. The most obvious is surf_constrictor1, classified as tier 4 on the console, but under nominate is t3 and named “KZG constrictor1”. There is several other subjectively incorrectly tiered maps, like surf_cavemissile_fix being t2, easily a hard t3, surf_psychedelia being harder than t3 (could be t5 idk), surf_zeonine being t4 (could be t6 idk). List goes on but that’s not what I’m here to write a forum post about…



Major Bugs

Most obvious bug that I’ve witnessed recently, being in the vicinity of the startzone on certain maps, using !showzones provides MAJOR fps drops. Pictured surf_plethora_fix with a fps drop from 353 to 28, over 90%, literally unplayable. I am confused how some lines cause this issue, if there is more to it, which there probably is, please fix :). However works fine on some maps and not others, pictured second is surf_adventure_final, with no noticeable fps drops. Lowest drop ive seen is from around 600 to under 10, don’t have evidence, just have to take my word. 100% can be replicated.






Video showing fps drops go brrrrrr  -  https://streamable.com/h2p0cs


 Map Related Bugs


 Downloading map bug


Currently there is several map loading issues, namely,

  1. surf_tempest (tier3),

  2. surf_whoknows (tier4)

  3. surf_stoneworks4 (tier6)

I was able to download surf_tempest by downloading the map through the 100tick server, and while I was completing the map dozens of players could not connect. There is no 100tick for t4 and t6 so there is no current way to download them, par from finding the map file on some csgo surf map hub and hoping it matches the server file (haven’t bothered with this, purely hypothetical). What happens is currently you select these maps for the nextmap, server switches maps and downloads these maps for the first time, and kicks you from the server. 100% can be replicated, not sure if admins can replicate from already  existing map files.

Another similar issue, which seemingly wasn’t an issue today but has been in the past, but I will mention anyways, is surf_adventure_final, (potentially surf_facility?) had a similar error message, to the picture above but would refer to a server side failure to load the map. Don’t have a picture because steam doesn’t save messages for over a day now or something stupid.

Unfinishable maps

  1. surf_lodypreview – Tier2, crashes game around stage 10/11 for entire server

  2. surf_numbers –  Tier 3, stages 6 and 8 have no end zone and cannot progress

  3. surf_exocube_e and surf_exocube_h, Tier 2 and 4, both have an invisible first ramp, and missing ramps in stage 4.

Unzoned maps

  1. surf_axiom2 – Tier3, has no startzones and cannot be started

  2. surf_sanctuary – Tier2, is also unzoned


Wrong maximum velocity (for the map, making it impossible to finish)

  1. surf_overgrowth2 – Tier5, maxvel is 3500, should be 4500 or higher idk the intended value

Maps with insta jails

These are maps where after the map has loaded roughly 5-7 minutes depending on map, the entire lobby will get softlocked within the jail on the map aka unplayable [“doable” however must be rtv’d immediately and takes 5 rtvs to get back to the map for another 5mins]. Couldnt be bothered to load map and wait in spawn for 5 minutes and record it. Reason maps have less than ten completes...

  1. surf_sh – Tier3 (5 Minutes)

  2. surf_liberation – Tier3 (About 7 Minutes)

  3. surf_helium_v2 – Tier3 (5 Minutes)

Maps with jails after completes

Either from a player completing the map, or a player jumping in the designated jail trigger) https://streamable.com/mol0is in most cases one player will be the “king” and everyone else will have to watch him from a jail

  1. surf_curious – Tier4, end when going up through anti-grav tractor beam

  2. surf_torque – Tier3, when finishing the map

  3. surf_love – Tier4, when going into the pit at the end of the map

All I can remember at present time, feel like I am missing a couple though


Maps with inconsistent triggers

  1. surf_clockwork - Tier 3 - Triggers do not work on hard surf, but work as intended on top200 server. https://streamable.com/hzgipk  (first is hard surf, then top200 only two servers which can play the map)


Maps which cannot load server settings

  1. Surf_tronic_njv - Tier5 - https://streamable.com/zx0jzk 


Maps with landmark issues (broken?/random teleporters that spin you backwards)

https://streamable.com/nc0mrr - this is a landmark, these are incredibly frustrating and off-putting, even for the best surfers and are not featured in the css versions of their respective maps

  1. surf_luminaris – Tier1? (should be 3) – has a landmark on stage 3, also bonus 2 I think

  2. surf_illumination – Tier4, https://streamable.com/nc0mrr

  3. Surf_drift_go - Tier4, https://streamable.com/bpafiw 

  4. surf_desolate – Tier5, there was a recording but it didnt save zzz, there is many landmarks

  5. surf_nostromo – Tier5, https://streamable.com/wpibva 

  6. surf_solace – Tier8 (should be t6), https://streamable.com/s91e1m 


Maps with weird mechanics

  1. surf_infected_njv - Tier3 and 5?

Hard to explain heres vid https://streamable.com/jjizbs, these are barriers with collision, until they are damaged, and they fall off. ??? Guessing it isn’t a server side plugin doing this, so not sure how to fix. But “its common knowledge and everyone should be able to guess the barriers and ramp blockers are breakable”


Bots not appearing in top200 server

Frequently bots displaying the map/stage/bonus records will not be present in the server, definitely a downside as most players on this server are atleast trying to beat their pb’s and bots are super helpful. On hard surf and expert surf they work as normal. On top200 sometimes the bots will only appear and record times of the current session, eg if I was playing a map and loaded in without the bots, my times would become what the bot thinks is the wrcp for stage 1, however because I am a noob it wouldn’t be the actual wrcp for stage 1 displayed. The replay bots will sometimes showup randomly, interchange between eachother, and maybe appear then disappear minutes later. Example of no replay bots in top200 server from today.


Misc and Minor Bugs

Issues with Spectating

Spec UI and other UI issues with keybindings 0-9 on keyboard (not sure if fixable)

Personal pet peeve, as a left hander my keybindings are IJKL, and I have two binds on 8 and 9, what this means is the more important bind on 9 which creates a saveloc, cannot be used while being spectated, presumably because the spectator ui has like hidden inputs maybe? And that takes priority over the bind working, easily fixable on my end, but i'm lazy.

Issues with voting

This also happens when the vote becomes option 3. Tier 2, vs option 4. Vote Extend on the UI, and pressing a higher number eg 9 will default onto the closest number in the option menu, this has led to accidents selecting maps etc. infrequent issue but annoying nonetheless

Servers not showing in server browser

I cannot see the beginner surf servers under the community server list. Didnt know it existed until over a week ago. Can still connect by typing in console “connect <ip>”


Above is the entire community server list and below is the search settings I use to connect to the kzg skill surf servers


Inspecting map times revealing random profile

Using !mtop and then selecting specific times within top10 to see who the players are recently has left me confused. The only explanation is this feature is sometimes bugged, works about half the time. Likely cause is with older players/not recently loaded profiles, selecting their profiles doesn’t work often, usually works with active players and not an issue. Super minor random issue tho.


Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

I tried to supply enough evidence for the claims, I can supply more if needed. I looked through the some of the existing forum posts within hard surf forum, most of which lack some evidence so I hope this can be of help. Just trying to make surf better on kzg.

I’ve only been active for a few months now and this is what I have noticed over 400 map completions.

I have no idea how to fix any of the issues, I am just aware of them.

Thankyou for reading this :)




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